Product Information


Artwork and Artist Search

With our vast contact network within the art world we specialise in sourcing ‘rare’ and ‘sold out’ works. If you are searching for a particular piece please contact us and we will use our vast artist and gallery links to help you find it. Our worldwide knowledge can help provide information on commissions, originals and limited edition pieces.

Local Artist Release & Publicity

The Urban Defects Gallery team understand how hard it is for local artists to promote artwork so do not always just concentrate on the well known worldwide artists. We are proud to help local artists with the release of future limited edition prints and general publicity of any urban artwork that they produce. Our staff are very used to dealing directly with artists and vastly experienced with spotting quality artwork. Urban Defects Gallery have provided a platform to many local artists, allowing them to showcase artwork to a global network of collectors. If you feel that you have a piece of artwork that could be displayed on our website please do not hesitate to contact us.


Urban Defects Gallery offers a wide range of framing options to suit individual customer needs. Our competitively priced bespoke framing service caters for artwork of all shapes and sizes. All framing is competed on premises by a master framer who offers over one hundred different moldings that range from contemporary to more traditional styles. All our custom framing is of the highest quality but also cost effective to ensure the enhancement of any piece of work.

Urban Defects Gallery specializes in the framing of print artwork but can offer a wide variety of options to frame items such as originals, canvases, photographs, vinyl records and memorabilia.

Please contact us today for a no obligation quote and we will be happy to help you with any of your framing requirements.

Gallery Artwork

We are proud to present a wide range of limited edition prints and originals. For private viewings of any of our pieces please feel free to contact the gallery directly and we will be happy to arrange a personal meeting. All artwork on display at our gallery are authentic pieces and we are happy to supply a certificate of authentication from Urban Defects Gallery with any prints that do not originally come with one. Please note that all inventory and prices are subject to change without notice.