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    Jamie Hewlett is best known for his anti-heroin Tank Girl and his collaboration with Blur front man Damon Albarn and the band Gorillaz.After leaving Northbrook College, West Sussex in the late 1980s, Hewlett created Tank Girl for the music and culture magazine Deadline. From this he went on to work on more mainstream comics, advertising campaigns and record sleeve design. In 2001 Jamie set up his own graphic design/animation company, Zombie Flesh Eaters. Jamie won the Design Museum's 'Designer of the Year' award. in May 2006 for his work on Gorillaz. Most recently he has again collaborated with Daman Albarn, this time on the set and costume designs for the acclaimed Chinese Opera ‘Monkey: Journey To The West’.

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    Jamie Hewlett – ‘M16 Assault Lolly’ (SIGNED)

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